Recent Media

Professional and Related Media:

  • APECES. 2020.  How to Gain Relevant Polar Field Experience as an Early Career Field or Non-Field Scientist. Link
  • Natural Resources Council of Maine/Protect Our Winters; Invited Panelist. 2020. How Maine’s Ski Industry Can Adapt to Climate Change Link
  • Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) Presentation; Invited Talk. Research, Education, & Collaboration on the Juneau Icefield Research Program. Link
  • Protect Our Winters; Invited Panelist; The Future of the Outdoor State: East Coast Climate Impacts. Link
  • American Alpine Club Summit Register, The Policy Zine for Climbers; Invited Author. 2020. Maine: Healthy Environment, Healthy Economies. Link
  • NOVA PBS. S Bennett. 2020. Scientists Find Warm Water beneath Antarctica’s most at-risk glacier. Link
  • PBS News Hour. M Obrien. 2020. A Risky Expedition to Study the Doomsday Glacier. Link
  • Pine Tree Watch. 2020. Glacial Melt and Maine’s Rising Sea Level. Link
  • University of Maine School of Earth & Climate Sciences Video Tour. 2020. Link
  • Icebits Newsletter. 2020. IDP Supports a successful 2019/20 Antarctic Season. Link
  • American Alpine Club; Invited Author. 2020. A Climate Scientist Reflects. Link
  • UMaine Today. 2018. Campbell, Hall Part of Massive UK-US Examination of Antarctic Glacier. Link
  • In Depth Newsletter. 2016. Ice Flow and Ice Cores in St. Elias Mountains. Link
  • APECS. 2015. Webinar: Basics of Field Safety. Link
  • PBS News Hour.  M. O’Brien. 2014. Scientists read layers of Alaska’s Ice and Snow to Track Climate Change. Link
  • PBS News Hour. R Jacobson. 2014. Just how much ice is left underneath Alaska’s glaciers? Scientists dig to find out.  Link
  • NSF Science Nation. M. O’Brien, K Tobin. 2014. Alaska mountain glaciers retreating due to climate change. Link
  • PolarTREC. 2013. Reconstructing the past climate of Central Alaska. Link
  • APECS. 2013. Webinar: Operating Safe and Successful Field Research Campaigns in the Polar Regions. Link

Recent Mentions, Photos, and JIRP Media:

  • The Weather Channel. 2020. Coronavirus Update: Scientists sacrifice crucial climate change research to keep Antarctica COVID-Free.  Link
  • NAWRB. 2020. Summer on an Icefield: A Field Story. Link
  • UMaine Today. 2020. On Ice: Juneau Icefield Research Program. Link
  • Scientific American. 2019. Warming Arctic on Thin Ice. Link
  • American Alpine Club. 2019. Ice Pilgrimage: More than 70 years of studying the Juneau Icefield. Link
  • Sierra Magazine. 2019. On the Juneau Icefield, Women Reimagine Who Does Science. Link
  • Icebits Newsletter. 2019. Beneficial Proof of Concept Testing in Alaska. Link
  • Scientific American. 2018. Studying Climate Change in One of the Grandest Classrooms in the World. Link
  • Adventure Dispatch. 2018. Juneau Icefield Research Program. Link
  • Popular Mechanics. 2017. Back to Alaska: How a Legendary Glacier Study Almost Died When the World Needed It Most. Link
  • Indiana University-Purdue University. 2018. Field study: Experiential learning paramount for recent environmental sciences grad. Link
  • Princeton University. 2018. Active Engagement and Mentorship on the Juneau Icefield. Link