National Science Foundation Science Grant

2023-2024: Battelle Education Grant: Engaging Students in a Virtual Antarctica. Seth Campbell (PI) Erin Towns, Haley Dunleavy, Scott Braddock (Co-PI’s) ($29,740)

2023-2027: NSF CAREER: Improving estimates of changing firn meltwater storage and flux in temperate glacier systems. Seth Campbell (PI) ($623,811)

2022-2023: UMaine Internal Grant: Aerospace Science and Technology in Secondary Schools (ASTSS) Alex Friess (PI), Seth Campbell, Parians Rahimzedah, Shawn Laatsch, Yongjang Zhang, Vikas Dhiman, Michael Davis, Barbara Stewart, Dan Moore (Co-PI’s) ($37,835)

2022-2023: NSF EAGER: Improving constraints on West Antarctic Ice Sheet history by linking glacio-chemical paleoclimate records with bedrock exposure ages. Seth Campbell (PI) Robert Ackert (Co-PI) ($98,791)

2022-2025: NASA PSTAR: ORCAA: Ocean Worlds Reconnaissance and Characterization of Astro-biological Analogs. Samuel Howell (PI) Miles Smart, Dale Winebrenner, Jill Mikucki, Seth Campbell (Co-I’s) ($2,531,856)

2022-2025: NSF GEOPAths: GP-IN: CUSP: Connecting Underserved Students to Polar STEM. Campbell S (PI) Shulman D (Co-PI) C Bartram, L Millay (Collaborators) ($377,293)

2020-2023: NSF P2C2: Evaluating North Pacific hydroclimate during the Holocene using the Denali ice core archive. K Kreutz (PI) D Winski, S Campbell, A Kurbatov (Co-PI’s) ($333,031)

2020-2023: NSF Antarctic Glaciology: Site Survey for Subglacial Bedrock Exposure dating at the Margin of Wilkes Basin in Northern Victoria Land. G Balco (PI), S Campbell, C Todd (Co-PI’s) ($357,348)

2021-2023: NSF Conference: Polar/Mountain Geoscience Education Conference 2021: Increasing Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion of First Generation College, Low Income, and Minority Polar Science Students. Campbell S (PI) ($49,805)*

2021-2023: NSF Conference: Polar Radar Technology Conference 2021. Campbell S (PI), Courville Z (Co-PI) ($39,010)*

2021-2023: UMaine Scholar Materials & Equipment Award: Airborne Earth Systems Lab: The Development of a New Multi-Platform and Multi-Sensor Array for UMaine Earth Science Research. Campbell S (PI) ($12,152)*

2019-2021: NSF EAGER Proposal: Reconnaissance of a new Potential Arctic Ice Core Drill Site on Mount Logan. D Winski (PI) S Campbell, K Kreutz (co-PI’s) ($62,106)

2019-2020: Replacement of the Mount Logan Ice Core. Alison Criscitiello (PI) S Campbell, K Kreutz (co-PI’s) ($465,876)

2018-2019: NSF RAPID Proposal: Constraining kinematics of the Whillans/Mercer Ice Stream Confluence. S Campbell (PI) P Koons (Co-PI) ($48,438)

2018-2019: Purdue Prime Lab: Reconstruction of Juneau Icefield Holocene Deglaciation and Erosion Rates in support of Understanding Broader Earth Systems Dynamics in Southeast Alaska. S Campbell (PI), L Corbett, P Bierman, G Balco, P Koons (Co-PI’s) ($10,900)

2018-2022: NSF Antarctic Glaciology: Constraining WAIS elevation at Mt. Waesche during the last interglacial using AR/AR and cosmogenic exposure ages of sub-glacial lava flows. J Mitrovica (PI) R Ackert, M Zimmerer, N Dunbar, W Macintosh S Campbell (Co-PI’s) ($734,190)

2018-2022: NSF Antarctic Glaciology: NSFPLR-NERC: Geological History Constraints on the Magnitude of Grounding Line Retreat. B Goehring (PI), J Johnson, B Hall, G Balco, J Stone, J Woodward, S Campbell (Co-PI’s) ($1,834,792)

2017-2019: NSF Antarctic Glaciology: Collaborative research: Computational methods supporting joint seismic and radar inversion for ice fabric and temperature in streaming flow. C Gerbi (PI), S Campbell, K Christianson, Sentil Vel (Co-PI’s) ($195,010)* Link

2016-2019: NSF Arctic: Collaborative Research: Influence of natural ice microstructure on rheology in general shear: In-situ studies in the Alaska Range; C Gerbi (PI), S Campbell, R Hawley, P Koons, K Kreutz (Co-PIs) ($420,937)* Link

2016-2018: NSF P2C2 #1502783: Geophysical Reconnaissance to expand ice core hydro-climate reconstructions in the Northeast Pacific; K Kreutz (PI), S Campbell (Co-PI) ($214,890) Link

2014-2016: NSF Polar #1304905: What role do glaciers play in terrestrial sub-arctic hydrology? A Liljedahl (PI), R Hock, S Campbell (co-PIs) ($844,653) Link

2015-2016: NSF Antarctic Glaciology: Allan Hills Englacial Site ice core site selection; N Spaulding (PI), H Conway, A Kurbatov, P Mayewski (Co-PI’s) S Campbell (Post-Doc) ($188,845) Link

2014 – 2016: NSF Antarctic Glaciology #1341658: Constraining Plio-Pleistocene West Antarctic ice sheet behavior from the Ohio Range and Scott Glacier; S Mukhopadhyay (PI), R Ackert, S Campbell (Research Associate) ($582,113) Link

National Science Foundation Infrastructure & Engineering Projects

2018-2019: NSF AIL: McMurdo Shear Zone Route Move. Z Courville (PI), S Campbell (Co-PI’s) $145,000

2016-2017: NSF Logistics: Reconnaissance of a new potential route to access McMurdo Ice Shelf from McMurdo Station. S Campbell (PI), N Lamie (Co-PI) $85,357

2017-2018: NSF AIL: GPR Survey, Analysis, and Interpretation of McMurdo Station. S Sinclair (PI) S Campbell, S Arcone (Co-PI’s) $51,236

2015-2016: NSF Logistics: Geophysical Survey of McMurdo Ice Shelf to determine current infrastructure stability and for future planning; S Campbell (PI), S Shoop, Z Courville (Co-PIs) $98,500

2015-2016: NSF Logistics: Geotechnical Assessment for McMurdo Station Landscape and Infrastructure Improvements; R Affleck (PI), K Bjella, J Buska, S Campbell, J MacPherson (Co-PIs) $197,427 

2015-2016:  NSF Logistics: Crevasse Snow Bridge Strength: Extending Current Crevasse Crossing Criteria to the Arctic; Z Courville (PI), S Campbell, J Lever (Co-PI’s) $55,000

Other Projects

2014: BSEE Research Grant: Testing of Oil Skimmer Equipment Components for use in Arctic Environments; L Zabilansky (PI) S Campbell (co-PI), $300,000 Link

2015-2016: BSEE: Quantitative Measurements of In-Situ burn efficiency and rate. P Panetta (PI), G Hewitt, S Campbell, L Zabilansky, A Rangwal (co-PIs) $136,885

2012 2014:  NSF P2C2 Research Grant #1204035: Reconstructing central Alaskan precipitation variability and atmospheric circulation during the past millennium; E Osterberg (PI), K Kreutz, S Birkel, C Wake (Co-PIs), S Campbell (PhD candidate) $891,846

2012 2013: NSF/PolarTREC Grant: S Campbell (PI) K Williams (Co-PI) $28,500 estimated Link

2015: National Geographic Waitt Grant: Developing a Holocene climate record for the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies in Patagonia and South Georgia Island; K Kreutz (PI), S Campbell (co-PI) $11,952