Well, yesterday was a big day!  Thanks to the Icefield Discovery pilot, Tom, we were able to get our entire team out of the field over a 24 hour period.  What a successful season! General stats are as follows:

  1. 81 meters of ice core drilled (one 64 m core and one 17 m core)
  2. 40+ km of ice-penetrating radar to measure ice thicknesses
  3. 40+ km of GPR to measure shallow horizons for recent snow accumulation studies
  4. 20 short-term ice flow velocity stakes measured
  5. Dozens of caramelo bars, snickers bars, and coffee crisp bars eaten
  6. About a 1 pound bottle of Sriracha Hot sauce consumed (mostly by Dom!)
  7. Some other crazy Habanero hot sauce consumed by Steve!
  8. A very healthy and happy smiling team coming out of the field!

I’ll write more about our experiences and research soon but, a video  (courtesy of Justin’s camera work) and photos (courtesy of Karl and myself) are worth a thousand words. Here are some teasers to start with.  Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “5/24/2016

    1. Seth Campbell Post author

      Hi Mark! Thanks for the comment. The drill we used for the 60 m core was a Stamfli Swiss 3″ drill. for the 17 m core we used a Stamfli Swiss 2″ drill. Both worked great! Hope all is well back in New Hampshire!



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