Heading to the Mountain!

Hi all,

Quick note to let folks know that we will be heading to the mountain today, WE THINK!  We are having breakfast at our favorite morning food stop, the Talkeetna Roadhouse, and then heading back to TAT for check in.  Weather is looking pretty nice in Talkeetna but my phone radar app shows some clouds over the mountains.  Time will tell what our friends at base camp call in for a weather report.  Fingers crossed!


The Talkeetna Roadhouse! If you visit this place, they have amazing Sourdough Pancakes with lots of blueberries and blackberries!    

Remember to follow along on my homepage at https://alpinesciences.net/ where my Twitter updates will display while we are in the field!  I am using my Delorme In Reach to send short updates to my Twitter, Facebook, and website pages simultaneously.  Each message I send will link to a map showing exactly where we are located on the West Buttress climbing route so we hope you follow along!  With a little bit of luck, patience, and perseverance, the next large BLOG I post will be back in Town Talkeetna after a successful field season! Cheers!


Reminder of the route we will be climbing and primary locations we will be studying enroute up Denali, starting in a few short hours!

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